JB's Pr%f

JB's Pr%f Ice CreamJB's Pr%f

JB's Pr%f Alcohol Ice Cream Dessert $7.00


Pecan PieKeyLime Pie

Sweet Potato or Pumpkin Pie $15.00
Key Lime Pie $17.50
Pecan Pie $18.00
Chocolate Pecan Pie $20.00
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie $20.00


Happy Birthday Cake

Cheese Cake $18.00
Assorted Flavored Cheese Cake $20.00
Chocolate Pound Cake $20.00
Assorted Flavored Pound Cake $18.50
Death by Chocolate Cake $30.00


Key Lime $3.00 EA.
$25.00 DOZ.
Other Flavored $3.00 EA.
$30.00 DOZ.

24 hour Notice on Pies and Cakes.
48 hour Notice on Death by Chocolate Cake.


We can Prepare any dessert for you, Just e-mail.
Or give Us a call.
We do any type of Catering, from box lunches to full catered meals.
Please Call Chef Chuck to discuss Your catering needs.
(803) 524-6387 cell (803) 324-0085 Business Phone

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